Utilities Protection Center

 Notifying Georgia 811 before you do any mechanized digging is important for many reasons: your safety, and the safety of those near your digging project; preventing environmental damage and utility service interruptions; and, avoiding project delays, expensive repairs and legal problems. In Georgia, it's the law! For safety's sake, it's always best to notify Georgia 811 about any digging project you may have - even if your project is small.

Examples of homeowner digging projects include:

•    Landscaping

•    Fence Installation

•    Digging holes for fence posts or a mailbox

•    Anchoring supports for decks and swings sets

•    Planting trees

•    Removing tree roots

•    Driving landscaping stakes into the ground

•    Installing a retainer wall

If you hire contractors for any exterior home improvement project that involves digging, or notice someone digging on or near your property, make sure Georgia 811 has been notified and utility lines were marked prior to breaking ground.

Excavators and contractors play an extremely important role in supporting the safe digging efforts of Georgia 811. Whether you submit your excavation requests online or over the phone, Georgia 811 thanks you for obeying the law and taking proper steps to dig safely.

Utilities Protection Center