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photo-art-4Hello, thank you for reading my blogs. I have been a graphic designer for seven years now. My experience has led many businesses to succeed regarding giving them my ideas towards the kind of designs that they need for their website. Providing them with a unique style that consumers will undoubtedly view and even book for a slot. It is my deepest desire to give out the best to help, especially small entrepreneurs who want to build up their business through the use of this type of platform. I would be very glad to help you more, feel free to write me a message and I will get back to you right on time. See more details on the Contact us tab.

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Recent President Trump illustrations on the front of major publications depict him with the KKK hood following his criticised statements after the Charlottesville riots.

Only two virtual assistants – those from Google and Facebook – can eavesdrop on your conversations and chime in with helpful suggestions. We need a lot more of that.

This year’s 50 Best Art Vinyl award nominees plus brilliant previous winners will be in an exhibition in the UK, Italy and Budapest.

The GIFs are part of a personal project by creative studio YLLW that was loved by the internet, of course.

Eran Mendel tells about his hugely popular weekly project turning Game of Thrones iconic moments into funny vector-based animated GIF – plus see all the GIFs.

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